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Leader U 2022


Jun 07, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT


Special thanks to MTSU College of Education and MTSU Center for Educational Media.

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Everything has been turned on its head since the pandemic. Education has seen the biggest changes. But is it all bad? Learn from top Ed leaders on how we can learn from our challenges to make a positive impact on our students. Keynote speaker Ann Marie Taylor (left) will encourage you to persevere during these trying times. Trainers from the Teaching Channel/iTeach will provide virtual tips that will help you. Tennessee educators will show you how they have adapted during these unprecedented times. Join us on June 7th for an in-person conference that is sure to lift your spirits and guide you as we all navigate the new normal.   


Session 1  10:15 - 11:45

Crafting Compelling Data Stories in the New Normal

How has the pandemic and other events from the past two years impacted the collection and analysis of student learning data? How do you use what you are learning from your student data to inspire action in your school or district? As leaders and educators in 2022, you have the opportunity to analyze student learning data in new ways. Join this session to learn tips and tricks on measuring the student experience and crafting actionable data stories. In addition to learning how to craft powerful visuals and narratives, participants will practice data story-telling skills.

New Teacher Coaching Through the Use of Video

In 2015 Harvard’s Best Foot Forward introduced grounded research on the importance of video in instructional coaching. Subsequent studies have continued to show the gains made by professional learning communities and new teacher induction programs when video observation, calibration, and coaching is augmented by video. As schools emerge from the pandemic, some things won’t go back to “normal” – and we believe that in the world of instructional practice, that’s probably for the best. Come and gain ideas for your state or district’s new teacher induction program, professional learning communities, and more about the power of video in advancing the skills of educators – and ultimately improving student outcomes.

Educator Prep Programs and COVID: Re-examining Assumptions and Practices

Educator Preparation Programs have experienced a deep structural shift during the historical COVID pandemic. This session will explore how EPPs prepared preservice teachers before COVID, the program transitions during COVID, and the resulting innovative modifications for future EPP improvement.

Turning Educational Theories into Viable, Effective Practices

Focusing on PLCs and Hattie’s Visible Learning, this session offers strategies designed to help classroom teachers create an environment of active learning and authentic discovery.

Session 2  12:45 - 2:15

Bringing the Online School into the Classroom

We did everything we could during the school closures and virtual school. We furnished devices and wifi to every student that needed it. So what do we do with all that technology now that we are back in the classroom? There has to be more than just typing into Google Docs and playing online quizzes. Well, there is! In this session we will look at ways to easily continue using student devices to both engage students and make the lives of teachers a lot easier!

Targeting Gaps With the Science of Reading

My students are behind in reading, but where do I start? Find out what students know and how to fill gaps to help growing readers grow more. We will survey basic skills through the eyes of the science of reading as well as resources for assessment and instruction. Although elementary skills will be the focus, resources will likely be helpful for teachers of any students needing remediation in basic reading skills.

Creating Collaborative Leadership by Reimagining Attributes

This presentation is an interactive exploration of the core components of being a Community Contributor, Quality Producer, Effective Communicator, Self-Directed Learner, and Active Listener. We will unpack each element reimagining how they contribute to successful teamwork, establish more meaningful expectations, and elevate a culture of collaborative leadership to impact student success. The presentation promotes a collective approach to highlight key identifiers of each component and establish a definition for what each of these mean and how they contribute to a culture of shared leadership and student achievement.

Telling Your School's Story: The Importance of Branding and Controlling the Narrative

As we "Embrace the New Normal", it is imperative that we tell our story and control the narrative. In this session, Dr. John Fanning, Assistant Director of Lincoln County Schools, shares best practices in sharing your school story as well as providing an overview of a quality communication plan. In this session, Dr. Fanning shares his research and personal experience in making branding a daily priority for schools and districts. As Eric Shenenger states, "if we don't tell our story, someone else will, and more often than not, another's version will not be the one we want told".

Session 3  2:30 - 4:00

Teaching in the New Normal

For this session I will discuss the ways my teaching strategies changed with the expectations of on and off remote learning due to the pandemic. Even with all of the ups and downs, my previous students still showed Level 5 growth. I will share these tangible resources with fellow teachers, so that teachers can still be successful teaching in the new normal. Hopefully, these resources will help teachers continue with rigorous standards but also stay flexible in this current climate.

Esports IS STEM!

Schools and communities are tasked with preparing students for the job market and/or college and esports is a clear path to many jobs and degrees. From broadcasting, marketing, programming, and journalism, to shout-casting, sales, and accountants, esports has paved the way for millions of students. Join Director of Education solutions, Dr Katrina Adkins, on a journey through time and discover how esports can make a difference in the lives of your community and students.

Growing Leaders Virtually: Fertilizing Through Video Tools

How can leaders continuously improve their practice when so much of their work in normal circumstances is conducted in isolation - a condition heightened in our COVID-19 world? This session will share ways leaders at all levels, from the classroom to the district level, can use video tools to share their growth and development with colleagues and gain the constructive feedback and coaching they yearn for. Don't let geography, COVID-19 or a lack of professional development opportunities block your growth - come learn with us!

Constantly Leading Towards a Constantly Changing Destination

Learning to lead in a rapidly evolving environment can be challenging. Through a constant commitment to collaboration across sectors, grade bands, time zones, continents, and content, Mike Mitchell will take you on a STEAM-powered journey from rural Tennessee to Paris, France. He will show you how to facilitate collaborations that will position kids to truly reach their full potential in any school setting.





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